Open Heart Kitchen – Livermore, CA

Hi, Nathan Glass here, and I wanted to reach out to you today to talk to you about our Community Cause for this quarter. If you’re not familiar with our Community Cause Initiative, it’s our way of giving back to our community. Each quarter, we select a different nonprofit or family in need to support. Now, we’re not asking you to make personal donations, although feel free if you like. What we do is for each recommendation you send to our agency, we donate $10 on your behalf to our Community Cause of that quarter. Now through March 31st, we’re supporting Open Heart Kitchen right here in the Tri-Valley. Open Heart Kitchen provides free nutritious meals to those that are going hungry. So far, they’ve donated over 300,000 meals right here in the Bay Area. Now, if you’d like to learn more about Open Heart Kitchen or would like to send us your recommendations, please visit us at Thanks so much and take care.

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