Community Cause – Second Harvest – Livermore CA

Hi, Nathan Glass here, and I’m reaching out to you today because unfortunately, more people than ever are struggling to make ends meet. That’s why at Glass Insurance Agency, we’re starting a new initiative to support those in need in our community. We’re calling it our Community Cause.
Each quarter we’ll be selecting a different nonprofit or family and need to support. Through the end of October, we’ll be working with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley. What drew me to them was the sheer number of people that they feed. Currently, one in 10 people in the South Bay is receiving food from Second Harvest. And unfortunately, that need is only growing, as one in four people is at risk of going hungry.
Now I’m not asking you to make personal donations. All I’m asking you to do is send a few recommendations our way of people that you know. For each person that you recommend to our agency, we’ll be donating $10 on your behalf to Second Harvest. Now in your email, I included a link so you can learn more about Second Harvest, about our Community Cause initiative, and also send some recommendations our way if you see fit.
So thank you again for being a client and I appreciate your help in this initiative. Take care.

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