Event Insurance

One of the most complicated aspects of operating a business is understanding the nuances of business insurance. Whether you are a venue owner renting a facility or are simply planning to host an event owned by a third party organization, event insurance should be at the forefront of your mind.

What is Event Insurance?

Event insurance is a broad descriptor that refers to one of several different types of insurance plans designed to protect event organizers, and by extension venue owners, from a wide range of unforeseen events.

Who is it for?

Event insurance is designed to protect both event operators and venue owners from unforeseen events and damaging actions from event-goers. However, even though it protects both parties, obtaining coverage is generally the explicit responsibility of event organizers.

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How it Works

Before an event, organizers and venue owners will decide the terms of the required event insurance with regards to types of policy and financial particulars. All parties will then be protected if an attendee or the venue suffers damages of some kind.

Types of Event Insurance

The primary type of event insurance is general liability insurance. This protects against property damage or bodily injury by agents of the policyholder. Liquor liability insurance protects against the accidental sale of alcohol to a minor or the violation of statutes and ordinance related to the sale of alcohol. Cancellation insurance, as the name implies, covers event organizers if some portion of the scheduled attendees or vendors is unable to attend. Finally, hired/non-owned auto liability deals with vehicles hired specifically for the event and potential damages.

Major Benefits of Event Insurance

Events of any type represent both a significant financial investment on the part of the organizer as well as the management of a wide range of moving parts. The correct business insurance policy ensures investment protection and a reduction in the potential damages that any single event can cause.

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