Pet Insurance

Lower the Cost of Veterinary Care with Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help lower the cost of medical care if your pet becomes sick or injured. It is similar to health insurance for humans and offers a lot of flexibility in coverage.

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Who it is for?

Pet insurance is for pet owners who have cats or dogs. In general, pets that are generally healthy are helped more by insurance. Sometimes, preexisting or incurable conditions may be excluded.

How It Works

Insurance plans usually have a monthly premium, covering the cost of having coverage. When veterinary care is needed, the owner pays out of pocket. After submitting a claim, the insurance company will reimburse the pet owner. This means the owner pays a reduced cost for care.

A plan usually includes a deductible, which is a portion the owner pays and is not reimbursed for. After the deductible is paid, the insurance company will reimburse the cost, usually at 50-100% of the bill. There may be an annual maximum. After this is met, the remaining costs must be paid out of pocket.

Types of Coverage

Coverage depends on the type of pet you have. In general, pet owners can purchase dog insurance or cat insurance. Small and exotic insurance may also be available.

Cat insurance usually costs less than dog insurance. However, the specific plans will vary based on breed, age, and other factors. Both cover illness and accidents. Some plans may also offer coverage if a pet is lost/stolen or passes away.

Major Benefits

Since the cost of pet care is reduced, insurance can provide more peace of mind. If a major injury or illness occurs, it can make the decision to continue care easier. This can save owners from choosing between emptying their savings and putting their pet down.

If you have a cat or dog, you should consider insurance. Pet insurance can help pet owners lower veterinary costs and provide better care for their animals.

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