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Hi. I’m Nathan, owner of Glass Insurance Agency. So many business owners want to know, which business insurance should I go with? It’s a very important decision, so you want to make sure that you get it right. There are three factors to consider. The first one is the company that you’re working with.
Think about this as the claims aspect of the decision, because you have insurance to have claims paid. The company, the contract that they have drawn up, whether or not it includes more things or excludes more things, it doesn’t cover more things, the person that’s interpreting that contract. Because not every scenario is covered in the contract.
Somebody interprets that, and are they going to be generous saying, “Yes, we’re going to cover this or not?” Then, also the claims process itself. From the day you file the claim to the day you have a check in hand, what does it look like? Is it drawn out and is it painful or is it quick, relatively painless and they get you your money as soon as possible?
Number two is the agency that you work with. Think about this as the customer service aspect, because hopefully you’re not going to be filing claims all the time, but you likely will have regular questions, concerns, changes that need to be made, certificates of insurance that need to be provided. Having an efficient agency that gets you and your insurance needs taken care of, so you can get back to growing your business can make a big difference.
The number one thing to consider is the agent that you work with. Think about the agent as your doctor. Your doctor is there to diagnose the problem and provide treatment recommendations. Agents are going to be the very same thing. They’re there to get to know your business, get to know the risks that you’re exposed to and provide recommendations on how to mitigate and cover those risks.
Just like not all doctors are the same, some are more knowledgeable and some are more specialized, same thing with agents. Finding an agent that has gone above and beyond the bare minimum, has things like designation, such as the certified insurance counselor designation, that means they’ve committed to their profession, can make a massive difference in your experience from top to bottom and making sure that your business, your assets are properly protected.
I hope you enjoyed this video. If you’d like to see more, you can visit our website; glassinsagency.com. Take care.

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