Why Buy Business Insurance? – Livermore CA

Hi, Nathan Glass here and whether you’re a new business owner watching this or an experienced business owner that just hasn’t purchased business insurance yet and you’re wondering why buy business insurance, you’ve come to the right place.
Now, there are many different reasons to buy business insurance, but we’re going to focus on three today. Number three is sometimes, you’re just required to, whether or not it’s by the government, a landlord, a vendor, a contractor. Sometimes, in order to carry out your business, you’re required to have business insurance. Number two is you want to protect yourself and your business against the unexpected, natural disasters, lawsuits, [inaudible 00:00:39] by your business. All of these things can have a devastating impact on your business if you don’t protect against them. But the number one reason for me to buy business insurance is that you invest so much of your time, your energy into your business and it’s there to support you and your family. And so protecting that asset, that investment, is really the reason that you want to buy business insurance, at the end of the day.
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